Moscato Wine

Moscato is a type of sweet wine that has gained popularity among wine enthusiasts worldwide. This wine is made from the Muscat grape variety and is known for its refreshing taste and vibrant aromas. The Muscat grapes are known for their natural sweetness, which is beautifully captured in every bottle of Moscato.

Key Features

  • Flavour Profile: Moscato wines are characterised by their fruity and floral flavours. The palate shows notes of ripe peaches, juicy apricots and fragrant orange blossoms. These delightful flavours are what make Moscato so irresistible.
  • Aroma: The aroma of this wine is equally captivating. With its scent of fresh grapes and hints of citrus, opening a bottle of Moscato is like stepping into a blooming vineyard.
  • Pairing Suggestions: This wine pairs exceptionally well with various foods. Its sweetness complements spicy dishes, creamy desserts, and even tangy cheeses. For a delightful experience, try pairing Moscato with fresh fruits or light seafood dishes. Reed our related blog ‘Can I Cook with Moscato Wine? Your Go-To Guide’


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Moscato wine gets its sweetness from the natural sugars present in the Muscat grapes. The grapes are carefully fermented during the winemaking process, allowing the sugars to transform into alcohol while retaining their sweetness.

While white Moscato is the most common variety, you can also find Moscato wines with a pink hue or Moscato Rosé. These wines offer a slightly different flavour profile but still maintain the signature sweetness of Moscato.

While Moscato can be enjoyed as a dessert wine, it’s not exclusively classified as one. Its sweetness and lightness make it a popular choice for pairing with desserts. Still, it’s also versatile enough to be enjoyed on its own or with various dishes.

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This wine is a delightful and affordable option for those who appreciate the sweetness and charm of a white wine. With its fruity flavours, captivating aromas, and versatility in pairing, Moscato is a true gem.

So, whether you’re celebrating a special occasion or simply looking to unwind after a long day, a bottle of wine will surely bring a touch of sweetness to your glass. Cheers! 🥂