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From Moldova’s Heart to Australia’s Shores

The flavours, the history, the sheer passion that goes into every bottle – we knew we had to bring this experience to you. With It’s My Wine, you’re not just buying a bottle of wine; you’re embarking on a journey of discovery and delight.  

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Why Moldova?

Well, let us tell you, this country is a hidden treasure trove of winemaking tradition. Nestled between Ukraine and Romania, Moldova’s rich soil and perfect climate create wines that are nothing short of magical. 

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Rich Cultural Heritage

Moldovan wines embody 5,000 years of winemaking tradition, offering a taste of rich cultural history.

Distinctive Flavours

Moldova’s diverse landscape yields wines with a distinctive character, from robust reds to crisp whites.

Exceptional Value

High-quality wines at affordable prices make Moldovan wine a great choice for wine enthusiasts.